Administrative, finance, accounting and tax services




  • Statutory audits
  • Management control
  • Corporate governance rules
  • Corporate law
  • Accounting services
  • Preparation of annual and consolidated financial statements
  • Periodic tax compliance
  • Financial statement analysis
  • Corporate secretarial services

Administrative, finance, accounting and tax services

We provide services for all types of accounting and corporate needs and problems, including the book-keeping records and accounting books, and the preparation of minutes and resolutions from Shareholders' Meetings and Boards of Directors’ Meetings.

Our firm assists clients with the implementation of reporting systems, the preparation of budgets and business plans, the preparation of separate and consolidated annual financial statements, and the drafting of business plans, including the preparation of reports, explanatory notes, financial statements, and cash flow statements.

We provide domiciliary services for companies, namely static, real estate and holding companies.