Comprehensive knowledge of family business




  • Next generation planning
  • Asset protection
  • Family agreements
  • Succession
  • Evaluation of alternative legal forms
  • Reinforcement strategies
  • Statutory changes and implementations
  • Trusts
  • Tutorships

Total & knowledge of family business

Total and comprehensive knowledge of family business: from asset protection, to family agreements, inheritance and business succession

The management and protection of assets require specific knowledge and an awareness of the clients’ needs. We assist you with the management of relations between family members, ownership structure and governance decisions, and next generation planning.

With regard to family agreements, we perform check-ups on the relations between the owner family and the company, and establish the rules and standards for governing the family relationships until the rules shared contained within the articles of association and shareholder agreements are identified.


We establish holding companies, evaluate alternative legal forms, and perform asset spin-offs. We find the strategies for strengthening the Board of Directors in terms of composition, operations, responsibilities and powers; we plan for the implementation of statutory changes and the assignment of powers to company managers and delegated bodies.

We assist with the delegation process and the establishment the new generations’ rules of entry:

  • Assessment of young family members and planning of development pathways;
  • Tutorship through coaching and periodic checks.