Tax and financial breaks




  • R&D tax credits
  • Capital investment tax credits (hyper/super credits)
  • Patent Box regimes
  • Subsidised loans
  • The “Nuova Sabatini” capital investments bonus
  • Innovative start-ups and SMEs and tax breaks rules
  • Regional Calls to Tender

Tax and financial breaks

Incentives, R&D grants and tax breaks, concessions - our speciality

Tax and financial incentives, R&D grants, tax breaks and concessions are our firm’s speciality. It’s what we’re best known for. Tax credits for research and development programs, Hyper and Super depreciation tax credits, Patent Box regimes, National and international calls to tender, tax breaks for Innovative Start-Ups and SMEs.

We’ve gained conviction since the time of our inception, and we strive to show our clients that the work we do is not only a way to overcome constraints and comply with legal requirements, but also to provide opportunities and advantages. 

Our satisfaction depends on that of our clients, when they’re able to obtain major incentives, as well as tax and financial benefits of all kinds. That’s why we have dedicated ourselves to the in-depth study of the specific legislation and have acquired the necessary technical knowledge through expertise in various sectors, as well as industrial, technological and digital processes of all kinds. This has led us to constantly collaborate and establish partnerships with technicians and engineers, who are either part of our own team, or else work for our clients’ R&D, Operations, and IT departments and Supply Chains.

We’ve therefore developed an in-depth knowledge of our clients over time. We need this wealth of know-how in order to offer you targeted and effective solutions.

The activity of obtaining tax breaks, R&D grants, the concessions and incentives doesn’t end once the benefits are utilised. The relationship with the client continues even throughout the control and audit phase conducted by the competent authorities, since responsibility for the results and the consultancy must be shared with the client at every stage. This activity is included within our package of proposals. The support service provided at this stage is important and serves as a guide for us. It requires us to identify the concession cases and the extent of the concessions themselves with maximum care and prudence. Our experience has led us to develop a comprehensive support service for clients who require our expertise, even for support during these delicate phases alone.